Hard Tire

No Slicks or Drag Radials

-220 Treadwear or harder (Must be listed on tire)

-17" and up wheels can use 180 treadwear

-Must have factory appearing Interior

-Current tags and insurance

-Must have working headlights and tail lights.  

-Spirit of the class rule will be enforced

-No AWD or 4WD


Street Car

-28x10.5 (Non W) or 275/60R15 D.O.T. Drag Radial

-Factory style front  suspension.

-No wheelie bars.

-Must have cooling system and charging system

-Steel roof and quarters.

-Must have working headlights and tail lights

-No AWD or 4WD


King of the Cornfields

Any Tire

-Any Suspension.

-Must have working headlights and tail lights. 

-Must Have Doors

General Rules

  • Each event will be 1/8th mile
  • No Time
  • Flashlight or Instant Green
  • One water burnout only
  • If you jump...You lose.
  • If you cross the center line...You lose.
  • Each round drivers will draw chips for pairings.
  • 1st round call outs will be at drivers meeting only
  • If call out is accepted, both drivers will earn 5 bonus points.